Drysdale Aquarium - Tampa Florida

Saltwater Aquarium Supplies

Please call or email Doug@Drysdaleaquarium.com for details and pricing.

Live Corals are now available to the public. There is a representation of corals on this site, but most updated photos are on Facebook. You do not need to be a member to view the photos. Click HERE to view a selection of corals we typically have available.

We are now hosting an Open House on Saturdays from 10 - 4 at our Aquaculture lab. Please call or email for directions. We carry a variety of the following items:

  • Buffers and Additives
  • Carbon and Phosphate Resins
  • Reverse Osmosis Parts and Systems
  • Test Kits
  • Dry Foods
  • Lighting
  • Pumps
  • Protein Skimmers
  • RO/DeIonized water (0 TDS) $.50 fresh, $1.00 salt
  • Brand new jugs: $10
  • And much more!

Email or call (813) 909 - 0060

Drysdale Aquarium - Tampa Florida
Drysdale Aquarium
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