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About the owner...

As a biologist (Tufts '95), I take the time to educate my customers who wish to develop their skills and knowledge as hobbyists and encourage active participation with regular operations.

Conservation, continuing education, promotion of aquaculture and ethical ecological practices are cornerstones of my business philosophy.

I am proud to say that the majority of the corals I provide to my customers are grown in my other systems, minimizing impact on the world's reefs. As more and more fish species become available to us, I am delighted to provide tank raised clownfish, blennies, basslets and cardinal fishes and a growing number of species whenever they are available. -DD

"Owner/operator Doug Drysdale earned his B.S, in Biology from Tufts University while working with endangered Lake Victorian cichlids as an intern at New England Aquarium. After graduating in 1995, he switched focus from fisheries management to pursue a career in aquarium design and development, a lifelong love and hobby. His feature article 'Human Impact on Rift Lake Cichlid Populations' appeared in FAMA in Oct. 1999. Since then, he has had the pleasure of developing some of the most spectacular aquariums in Tampa." -Mike H

"I have been a client of Drysdale Aquarium for over 8 years. Doug has been involved in every stage of my reefs life and I am very satisfied with the high level of knowledge, skill and service that I receive from Drysdale Aquarium." Tommy B

"10 Years! Doug Drysdale does awesome work and service! He's been maintaining my saltwater tank for over 10 years!!!! "Darlene F

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Drysdale Aquarium - Tampa Florida
Drysdale Aquarium
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